Belleville Spring Washers​


Belleville Spring Washers are as per American standard, designed for critical loading or dynamic applications. Belleville Spring Washers have the following characteristics:

  • Different assemblies can achieve special load characteristics.
  • High load capacity with a small spring deflection.
  • Better space utilization compared to other spring.
  • Standard dimensions can reduce cost.
  • High fatigue life.
  • Excellent performance on dampening effect especially when stacked.


Spring Steel
50CrV4 / DIN1.8159 / ASTM6150
C75 / DIN1.0773 / ASTM1074
60Si2Mn / DIN1.0904 / ASTM9260

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Vinsco Belleville Spring Washers outer diameter from 0.187” to 4”.

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Corrosion Protective

  • Phosphating
  • Mechanical Zinc Plating
  • Chemical Nickel Plating
  • Docromet / Geomet Coating

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The Tolerance is according to DIN EN 16983 (Previously DIN2093) standards,Learn more about Tolerance >