Unlike standard flat washers, spring washers can be used effectively to make the mechanical creation more secure and sound. The spring washers can also be used to put together furniture in a sound and secure way. Normally, these washers look like small round pieces of metal with a hole in the middle. The spring washers are designed with features to tighten screws or nuts by providing adequate space required for proper interaction of the two surfaces. These washers are used widely to prevent the wood for splitting accidentally. A user also has option to choose from four distinct types of spring washers. These washers are further available in a variety of sizes. That is why; you must understand different types of spring washers and their usage.

Different Types of Spring Washers

Belleville and Conical

Both these spring washer types are effective in supporting heavy loads without any major load deflection. Normally, the load deflection varies according to the ratio of the height of thickness. The conical or Belleville washers are used to reduce the tension in assemblies, and under bolts. So the application can be used in setups involving constant thermal expansion and detraction.


Unlike conical or Belleville washers, crescent spring washers can support only light loads. But these washers normally have a wider deflection load range. The crescent spring washers are used for applications with light loads, but requiring frequent and flexible load cycling.


The wave spring washers have a moderate load capacity along with a moderate defection range. These washers are used widely as spacers or cushions. Normally, single wave spring washers are designed with a flat surface. While assembling, the flat surface minimized abrasion. But the washers must be placed within two soft or delicate parts.

Curved and Bowed

Both curved and bowed spring washers have a much higher washer deflection rate, but a minimum load style. So these washers are widely for axial play take-up.

You can always buy spring washers from a reputable professional manufacturer like Vinsco to avail both high quality and durability. Vinsco allows you to choose from a variety of spring washers that are designed for heavy-duty and high-strength bolts. So you can rely on the product to prevent the bolts from loosening due to the quantity of expansion or contraction cycles.