Belleville washersThe term Belleville washer refers to conical disc springs or cone-shaped spring washers that are named after their inventor. The conical disc springs were originally invented by Julian F. Belleville in the middle of nineteenth century. But nowadays, Belleville washers are used by a wide range of applications including automobiles, medical devices, defense equipments, satellites, spacecraft and machine tools.

Unlike conventional washers, the conical disc springs are designed to load only in the axial direction. The users also have option to load the Belleville washers either statically or dynamically. However, the user must remember that the performance of these spring washers will be impacted by their location and installation. It is always important to install the disc springs according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. However, a user also needs to know some helpful tips for installing the Belleville washers.

Important Tips for Installing Disc Springs

  • As noted earlier, a disc spring can be loaded both statically and dynamically. But the Belleville washer must be installed based on the severity of duty in the device. For instance, the spring washer can be used to provide a static clamping force on the surface made of mild/cast/forged steel. But hardened thrust washer must be installed on brass, copper or aluminum seating faces to reduce indentation or damage to the face.
  • The Belleville washers can also be used for application with a larger number of deflection cycles. But the washers require both hardened seating faces and guidance surfaces. In addition to preventing excessive wear, the hardened surfaces will further provide adequate support to the washers.
  • The performance of the Belleville washers can be further optimized by providing lubrication. The lubrication will further extend the life of the disc springs, while reducing required maintenance. You can consider providing a suitable solid lubricant liberally to a relatively low duty spring washer device. At the same time, the lubrication must be maintained consistently to increase the component’s efficiency and lifespan.

You can further optimize the performance of the Belleville washers by choosing the right product. It is always important to focus on the torque, diameter and finish of the spring washers according to the needs of the application. Some seasoned conical disc spring makers like Vinsco further help customers in selecting the right Belleville washer for their devices.