Often the performance of mechanical assemblies as impacted due to loosening of fasteners due to vibration. That is why; a wide range of mechanical assemblies use disc springs or spring washers to keep the nuts and bolts tight and tensioned, while providing a constant pressure on them. A user has option to choose from a wide variety of disc springs according to the design and requirements of the mechanical application. However, it is always important to pick the right springs washers by focusing on certain features. While comparing the disc springs, it is important for the buyer to concentrate on three important parameters, i.e., torque, diameter and finish.

Important Parameters to Choose the Right Disc Springs

1) Torque

The term torque refers to the force required to be applied on the bolt to flatten the washer to its optimum shape for clamping. But the amount of torque required for make the toque rich the optimal tightness varies. Normally, the amount of torque varies according to the diameter, hardness and material configuration of bolts. So you need to ensure that the torque of the spring washer perfectly complements the bolts. The compatibility will make the bolt and washer work seamlessly over a longer period of time.

2) Diameter

The disc springs are designed specifically to produce a clamping force along the tip of its cup perimeter. So the clamping force will vary according to the size of the cup. For instance, if the cup is too big or overhangs, the connection will be impacted due to less clamping force. Many users put an oversized flat washer beneath the spring washer to increase the clamping force. But the method fails to transmit more clamping force to the connection as the flat washer often defects away from the disc spring. That is why; you must choose a disc spring whose diameter matches the connection pad that will be used on it. It is also a great idea to use custom spring washers that perfectly complements the connection pad.

3) Finish

Most users opt for disc springs with standard finish. But you still have option to choose spring washers with varying finishes. But you must remember that the wrong finish can make the connection fell apart. For instance, the presence of hydrogen can brittle the electroplated spring washers. Likewise, hydrogen-exposed electroplated washer may break into pieced due to vibration. So you must consult with the product applications about the finishing required to make the disc springs combat the solvents or fumes present in the environment.

It is also important for the buyer to choose disc springs designed by a reputable manufacturer. Some manufacturers like Vinsco help buyers in picking the perfect spring washers for their mechanical applications by posting all required information on their websites. As Vinsco clearly mentions the features and specifications of spring washers, a buyer can easily compare the models based on torque, diameter and finish.